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Congratulations to the successful establishment of GUANGDONG NEW ERA COMPOSITE MATERIAL CO., LTD.


请输入逆水寒的宣传语   The establishment meeting of GUANGDONG NEW ERA COMPOSITE MATERIAL CO., LTD. and the first shareholder meeting were ceremoniouly held On 31st Jananury 2016.

      Aspiring directors, shareholders on behalf of candidates, supervisors, workers' representatives supervisors, and senior management personnel and agency representatives attended the meeting.



      The establishment of GUANGDONG NEW ERA COMPOSITE MATERIAL CO., LTD. is the landmark event in the development history of Chao New Era Industrial Co., Ltd.. It marks the prelude to company listed on the new three board officially opened, also means that NEW ERA CO., LTD. at a higher starting point, has entered a new stage of development.



      Furthermore, it marks the company development strategy, management mechanism, the establishment of equity structure and other substance. It's believed that with the share reform as predictor, the company will insist on technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, and constantly improve enterprise comprehensive strength, seize market opportunities, integrate various resources, make full use of their own advantages and expand the business scope of company management strength, strive to bring more innovative products and services to the customers and maximize the interests of the company and shareholders.




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